Area of Expertise

Lab Moneta Holding is able to transform organisations through digitation.

Lab Moneta Pte Ltd is currently exempted from holding a licence to provide payment services under the Payment Services Act by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. The Company is in the midst of application for a Standard Payment Institution licence for the provision of account issuance service, domestic money transfer service, inward cross-border money transfer service, merchant acquisition service and e-money issuance service.

Investments and Fundraising

Our Investment Team is ready to invest and structure investments from seed through to series fundings.

Operations and Execution

We have the ability — through inhouse and external experts — to bring fintech projects to reality.

The Investor

Investors with a great and innovative idea often struggle to bring those ideas to life. Either they don’t have the time, or lack the knowledge and experience needed to bring a complex FinTech project to reality. We provide an entire suite of expertise to our investors from strategy to technology implementation.

Area of Expertise

The Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs may have plenty of expertise and innovation, but entrepreneurs lack funds and support to turn innovation into reality. We can provide advisory and necessary resources to turn their vision to reality

How LMH Solves These Challenges

LMH bridges the gap between funding and innovation — and vice versa — by providing investment and operational expertise

“Lab Moneta has a great team to work with and a network of partners to leverage on.We can attest to that. We are looking forward to closer collaborations in the UK and beyond.”

— Md.Shahidul Alam, CEO & Director, Smart Cricket Global Ltd
Project Basis

On a one-off basis we are able to conceptualize your project, design it and execute. You have the choice of choosing from one or all of our suite of services.

Through Deeper Partnership

We will partner with you from the beginning, starting with seed funding all the way through to execution and monetisation.

Knowledge Bank

Internet of Things

Power your FinTech with seamless online experiences. We provide end-to-end IoT adoption services tailored to your specific requirements.

Cyber Security

Secure your business with top-tier security measures. We keep your FinTech safe from cybersecurity breaches, complete with KYC practices and data protection regulations.

Data Analytics

Identify key opportunities and make informed decisions with the right data. We help you define your Big Data strategy and build agile, analytical applications that drive value.

Artificial Intelligence

Implement automations to bolster your business strategy and enable new areas of growth. We identify and implement next-generation capabilities crucial for success in a digital-first world.


Enhance security and accountability with a decentralised, verifiable system. We have the expertise in creating blockchain solutions for FinTechs and we are ready to tailor one for your business.

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