About Lab Moneta Holdings

Lab Moneta Holdings has a dedicated team from various backgrounds and brings diverse expertise to our partnerships globally. We have over three decades of experience in conceptualising, operationalising and bring your vision to reality

Meet the Leadership Team

With decades of deal making experience across Asia, we are able to offer a range of investment skills and an ability to monetise fintech projects. Our team provides branding and marketing strategies for projects and clients, formulating awareness, user acquisition, retention and monetization processes based on years in some of the largest branding and advertising firms in the world.

Compliance and regulatory knowledge is key and we apply decades of experience in governance and compliance with some of the world’s largest banks to your venture. Our team provides expertise in compliance and operational risk control, regulatory affairs as well as investigation and governance matters, in addition to a range of legal requirements.

“We are able to offer a diverse set of digital solutions to a range of companies, from small start-ups and entrepreneurs to major multinational and government agencies. We understand the importance of attention to detail and are able to provide the expertise needed to grow a company.”

— James Hong
Executive Director, Lab Moneta Holdings

“The ability to market yourself – reach your target market and drive sales – in order to drive user acquisition and retention is vital and we are able to offer a range of public relations, branding and go-to-market strategies for all our partners.”

— Shan Hermijanto
PR & Marketing Director, Lab Moneta Pte Ltd